Broken Glass


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Broken Glass

This piece is an abstract inspired by optical distortion and chromatic aberration. The scene is constructed from many layers of glass-like material which distort the underlying colours to produce fluid fronds and regions of rich colour. The scene is rendered out at 300 dpi and printed on high resolution photographic paper mounted behind clear Acrylic.

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Print under Acrylic Glass (Gloss), Print under Acrylic Glass (Matte), HD Print under Acrylic Glass (HD Gloss)


HDE (800mm x 450mm / 31.5" x 17.7"), HDF (1120mm x 630mm / 44″ x 24.8″), HDG (1280mm x 720mm / 50.4″ x 28.3″), HDI (1600mm x 900mm / 63″ x 35.4″)