My Art

All the pictures you see here are created on computer using 2D and 3D software to model and render three dimensional scenes.

I'm often asked if any of the pictures I post here are photographs. The answer is No - none of the images you see on this site are photographs.

Although photographs may have provided some initial inspiration, or be used as the basis of some of the textures you see, all the scenes here are two-dimensional renderings of three-dimensional scenes.

The renderings are created using various software packages. Each render is based on a geometry that I create and model. I often use photographic references combined with my imagination to compose and model the scenes that you can see here.

Once a model is close to representing the scene I am aiming for then I will add colour and texture to materials that compose the surfaces of the model. I light the scene using various methods to try and approach photorealism.

I try to follow many of the principles I learned as a photographer to add a degree of realism into the scenes I construct. I feel that the approach to composition and lighting, in particular, are very relevant to digital media such as this.

More information can be found on my blog page.

Close up section of the restaurant image

Don't forget ... nothing here is real!